Katja Sarkowsky – Negotiating the Boundaries of Self and Community in Indigenous Life Writing

Mita Banerjee – Blue Hawai’i? Environmental Justice and Documentary Film in Adam Horowitz’s “Nuclear Savage”    

Henry Beissel – Across the Rift Valley and Beyond: Crossing Borders in When Africa Calls Uhuru 

Hubert Zapf – Cultural Ecology: The Inviolability and Porosity of Borders

Timo Müller – National Borderlines and the American Road


Ivaylo Shmilev – Crossing Real and Imagined Borders between Minds: Empire, Conflict and Peace in Anglophone Science Fiction   (Description)

Pavan Kumar Malreddy – Energy Security and the War on Terror:  Ecology and Insurgency in the Postcolonial World (Description)

Heike Schwarz – Postcolonial Pathologies: Double-Consciousness and Fiction  (Description)


Sonja Schillings – Race and Space – Challenging the Legacy of Colonialism in Fiction of the 20th and 21st Centuries  (Description)

Alessandra Boller – “Why is it he feels some line has been crossed, some boundary transgressed?” – Border Crossings in Margaret Atwood’s ‘Speculative Fiction’  (Description)

Dorothea Smartt – Creative Writing Workshop – “Reader, I Married Him & Other Queer Goings-On: rethink the boundaries of your cultural/national space, gender, and sexuality to include those often ‘unseen’, ‘othered’ and ‘queer’ spaces and places”


Dorothea Smartt – tba

Henry Beissel – tba


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