1.) Which are the closest airports?

Munich International Airport (MUC)
Memmingen / Munich West (FMM)

In the following map, you can find the most significant locations:

2.) What is the address of the accommodation?

Übernacht Hostel – Augsburg, Karlstraße 4, 86150 Augsburg
(also in the map above; http://www.uebernacht-hostel.de/)
You will be able to store and make breakfast at the hostel. In the map above, you will find bakeries, a local marketplace (opened daily) and grocery stores.

3.) When can I check into the accommodation?

The hostel will be available to us from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 6th. Please do not forget that you will have to check out no later than 12 p.m. on the day of departure.

4.) Will we have to share rooms?

Yes. There are no single bedrooms, the rooms are for 2, 3, 4 or 6 people.

5.) What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own towels, bed linens will be provided. Please keep in mind that though September is often warm and sunny, Augsburg and Munich weather can get quite cold and wet, especially at night.

6.) How to get from the airports to the accommodation?

– From Munich: You can either take the regional train to Munich Central Station to Augsburg Hauptbahnhof, from there it’s a 10-15 min walk; or you can use an intercity bus. The point you will reach there is “Augsburg P+R Biberbachstraße,” with the streetcar/tram stop “Augsburg Nord” close by (cf. map). Take the tram to “Augsburg Hbf” and exit at “Theater/Alter Justizpalast,” it’s a 5 min walk from there. For the tram ride, you will have to buy an additional ticket (2,60€).

– From Memmingen/Munich West: the easiest way is to take Busses 2 or 810/811 to ZOB (Central Bus Station), which is right next to the train station. From there, take the regional train to Augsburg (tracking numbers may vary, will be added here; possibly need to change trains in Buchloe).

You can get directions here:
Trains: http://www.bahn.de/ (hit “Nur Nahverkehr” to avoid expensive options)
Bus/Tram: http://www.checkmybus.de/ (Intercity bus; type in “Flughafen München” as starting point); http://www.avv-augsburg.de/ (“Augsburg P+R” – “Theater”)

7.) How to get from the accommodation to campus?

Take the tram 1 or 2 at the town hall square (Rathausplatz; direction: Göggingen (1) / Haunstetten Nord (2)) and transfer to tram 3 (direction: Haunstetten West) at Königsplatz. Exit at University (Universität).

8.) Where will the lectures, seminars and workshops take place?

Most of our program will take place at Augsburg University. Various items on our agenda will take place at various locations in Augsburg; each place will be specified in detail in the program.

9.) Is it possible to extend the stay in the accommodation for a couple of nights, i.e. to arrive earlier than Sep. 6th/to stay longer than Sep. 12th?

It may be possible but if you are interested in extending your stay, you will have to contact the hostel yourself and make arrangements. So far, the booking covers Sun – Sat.

10.) Where will the conference warming take place?

In a bar called “Unikum,” Salomon-Idler-Straße 24F, 86159 Augsburg. It is right next to the university campus; arriving at the tram stop, you have the university to its right side and the Unikum to the left.

11.) Where do I find the reading material?

We will use the university uploading system. Content can be accessed via URLs without any further ID information. You will find all the readings there. Please make sure to be prepared for your seminars and workshops.

12.) What are the best food options around campus?

The map above also features the most relevant places to get food at which are still close to the accommodation as well as around campus. For the Mensa/Cafeterias, you cannot pay via cash but are obliged to use a Campus Card. There are several ticket dispensers on campus: right in front of each of the cafeterias for instance. They are 5€ deposit each and can be charged with paper money. Returning the cards to the same machines will give you back the deposit and the amount of money left on it.

13.) How many ECTS credit points can I earn?

You can earn 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ECTS credit points for the summer school. The credit points depend on your workload.

2 ECTS: Attendance Workshop & Seminar

4 ECTS: Attendance Workshop & Seminar + Short Essay

6 ECTS: Attendance Workshop & Seminar  + Short Paper (10-15 Pages; ~4000 words)

8-10 ECTS: Attendance Workshop & Seminar + Longer Paper (15-20 Pages; 6000-8000 words)

14.) How to get around town?

All major venues are well connected via short-range public transportation. Local students can use their student tickets; for external students, we recommend either Streifenkarten or a Wochenkarte (AVV). For a Streifenkarte, you’ll need to punch one ’strip‘ for each zone you are going through (e.g. for the trip from the accommodation to university, you’ll need to fold two and punch them as it’s zones 10 and 20 you are passing). For a Wochenkarte (weekly ticket, valid during CW 37 until the following Monday at noon), you should choose zones 10 and 20 to be included, but you will also need a loyalty card (Kundenkarte), which you can get right away at the AVV customer center near the main railroad station (Halderstraße 29; also in map above or click here). In sum, the weekly ticket appears to be the cheaper way to go and you will need only one during the summer school.

15.) Cancellations

Cancellations (with full refund) can be made until August 15th. Cancellations after August 15th cannot be refunded.


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