Date and place: 7-11 September 2015, University of Augsburg

Extended deadline for applications: 15 August 2015



We invite B.A., M.A. as well as PhD students who are interested in contemplating various forms of political, philosophical and cultural borders and their relations to postcolonial literature and culture. You will be able to receive ECTS points for the summer school and additionally there will be a slot for poster presentations. In these sessions you can present your own (intermediary) research results. If you would like to give a poster presentation, please indicate this in your application.

In addition to a seminar and workshop of your choice, you will be able to attend a series of interesting lectures and readings. Furthermore, a day trip to Munich with a corresponding programme is planned. We welcome summer school participants to examine and discuss postcolonial literature and culture with regard to the concept of borders. An interdisciplinary discussion of cultural, philosophical and pragmatic approaches to the concept of borders will form the basis of re-evaluating current discourses on a cultural and literary level. Even though postcolonial concepts of space, place, self-definition and self-perception are highly relevant to an age of controversial refugee policy and global mobility, such concepts are still marginalized in public discourses. The goal of the summer school therefore is to interrelate those concepts on a theoretical and literary level as well as on a pragmatic level.

Within the scope of the summer school, we hope to be able to create a platform that helps young scholars and researchers to enhance their knowledge of specific research fields and open a dynamic communication of exchange and discussion.

ECTS Credits

You can earn 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ECTS Credits. Please indicate in your application whether you would like to receive credit points for attending the summer school.

2 ECTS: Attendance Workshop & Seminar

4 ECTS: Attendance Workshop & Seminar + Short Essay

6 ECTS: Attendance Workshop & Seminar  + Short Paper (10-15 Pages; ~4000 words)

8-10 ECTS: Attendance Workshop & Seminar + Longer Paper (15-20 Pages; 6000-8000 words)


Participation fee with accommodation for the summer school will be 150,-€, without accommodation 50,-€


We explicitly invite B.A., M.A. as well as PhD students who are interested in an interdisciplinary discussion of postcolonial literature and theory in relation to borders and border crossings. A variety of seminars and workshops on diverse topics will offer the students opportunities to gain first insights but also to deepen their knowledge. Some preparatory reading will be necessary in advance, but details will be provided at a later point.

If you want to participate in the summer school, please send a letter of application to in which you indicate what your specific interest in the topic is and how far you have proceeded in your studies (1 paragraph suffices).


Cancellations (with full refund) can be made until August 15th. Cancellations after August 15th cannot be refunded.


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